Robin Thornton


At a young age, I decided that I wanted to be a Musician. I did not believe that I could support myself with one instrument, so I set about training as a multi-instrumentalist. To this end, I have specialist knowledge of all styles of Singing, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar and Drum Kit. I began teaching in 1993 and progressed to owning my own studio with a staff, assisting me. I found the demand for my teaching grew and decided to reduce my shop and employment duties, to focus publishing Teaching materials. I now teach from my home in Banchory (Aberdeenshire, Scotland), providing individual, person centred, lessons both in my studio and online. I also provide elocution lessons to foreign business-people seeking to speak with British accents. My Educational path has taken me through a Teaching Diploma, an Undergraduate, which included components in Kodaly and Classroom Teaching, and a Masters Degree. I describe my teaching as, “Teaching classically, although not necessarily Classic”. Lessons are taught from a classical foundation - not limiting the growth of the student - exploring the music which currently interests the student.

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