Composition Diary: Post 1

Adrian Moore of Sheffield University – while delivering a talk on Acousmatic Music – notes that he usually is delivered the completed music.  The issue with this is that it makes analysis difficult.  What would be more helpful would be the inclusion of a diary of how the Composer arrived at their decisions: why they included material and what was left out.

A Blog seems a good method of tracking my progress as a Composer.  The Journey Starts – as a piece – charts the beginning of my journey.

This Piece is purely and exploration of my Studio.  I hope you like it, but it is not intended to do anything more than provide practise.

My intention is to develop my teaching of Composition, with a focus on Dance Music.  The rationale is that Music is more frequently heard Online and in the Club, than in the Concert Hall.  Composing in an Electronic Medium brings learning to those who, primarily, access Music Online or in the Club.  Contemporary Dance Instrumentation and Textures are used, although broader Dances Forms will be included; developing the Aural Pallet.

Presenting Music in the Club facilitates movement and releases the Audience from the constraints of the seated performance.  Acousmatic Techniques will be incorporated – as the Project Develops – which explore the movement of sound, as Music is sent through the listener, via thoughtful manipulation of the Sonic Environment.

The Journey Starts here and this Blog will chart the progress.

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