All Saint’s Day lesson: Perfect Harmony

Peace and Harmony to you all.

It is the 1st of November.  Yesterday’s lesson was posted on Halloween.  Although the lesson promoted a reduction of tension on the Vocal Chords, it employed a technique – which I call – Zombie Face.  It is actually very relaxing and peaceful, yet it looks a little scary.  Today’s lesson redresses the balance and brings peace.  It is peculiar to humans that we celebrate the dark night, rather than the bright new day of hope.  We worry about what has happened, despite hope of a positive future.

This video is a lesson which teaches the melody for All Saint’s Eve, the Performance of playing it in Octaves, Fifths and Fourths, the Composition of harmony and the Musicology of Greek thoughts on Natural Science and how it brings about Perfect Harmony.

It is a taster of what a lesson might look like.



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