Vocal Warm Up

Vocal Warm Ups

Students have requested that I record videos of the vocal warm ups that we do.  This assists practise.

This video demonstrates a sequence.  The sequence is short.  If it is learned, it may be extended to the Octave and practised in different keys.  This sequence only goes to the fifth degree of the scale and not up to the octave.

The Musical Sequence is: 1231, 2342, 3453 1.  It Cadences nicely as the final three notes are 5,3,1, which is a descending Arpeggio.

Notice that the second note sung is always the first note of the next stage in the sequence.  Memorise the second note and this will help to locate the next stage in the sequence.  Developing this ability teaches access to the upper reaches of the octave.

The video also teaches the sequence using the Solfeggio system – introduced by Guido d’Arezzo – also known as Kodaly Singing, as it was employed by the Hungarian Musicologist Zoltan Kodaly.  The sequence in Solfeggio is: Doh, re, me, Doh-re,me,fa,re-me,fa,Soh,me-Doh.  The respective hand signals are also taught.

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